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About Me

Carrie Bell would eat cupcakes, roam bizarre museums and pet cats all day if she could figure out how to make a career out of those passions. Alas, that is not really a supportable life plan so instead she has spent the last 20 years (hey, stop trying to do the math. She graduated college in three years as valedictorian before she could drink legally.) as a working journalist.

She has covered entertainment for People, Yahoo, Entertainment Weekly, Vulture, and numerous other newspapers, magazines, and websites. She has reported from every award show you can think of except the Tonys and done set visits, music reviews, Q&As, news stories, and plenty of round-ups. She recently wrote the May 2018 cover story for Cosmopolitan on Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory. About five years ago, she decided to expand her horizons and started writing about travel, food, weddings, honeymoons, wellness, and wine. She works for a variety of bridal titles like Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Bridal Guide and California Wedding Day and also general audience publications and websites like Fodor's, Private Air, POPSUGAR, Seattle Magazine, LiveStrong, and Reader's Digest.

In what little free time she has leftover, she is a cat lady, amateur photographer, yoga practitioner, maker of puns, pop culture aficionado, snowglobe collector, bike rider, ice cream junkie, TV and movie binger, concert goer, kitchen experimenter, avid reader, and so-so gardener.

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